December 25, 2022
Ms. Kolimja

Looking For A Reading Challenge?

Reading challenges are not only a great way of improving upon literacy skills. They are also an opportunity for your child to explore what kind of reader they are, helping them come to new and exciting understandings about themselves and the world around them. With the arrival of Spring Break and with Summer Vacation slowly encroaching, Learn to Write Now has created some fun reading opportunities for every grade level (with a neat incentive!) We have put a spin on the traditional reading list, offering both a summary of each text and an activity that your child may perform after reading each book. You can request the Reading List here.

Below you will find another opportunity: the Book Challenge. This competition offers a fun activity that your child may partake in for a chance to win a prize! Each challenge is split up according to grade group, beginning with lower elementary, and moving to upper elementary, middle, and high school. Click on the links below to access the competition!

LTWN’s Reading Challenge:

We can’t wait to read your competition entries! Even more, we hope that these books can offer your kids new gateways into the world of words. They will surprise both themselves and you with their discoveries!

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