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Ms. Kolimja

July 8, 2022


Writing Resources for Your Child

Have you been searching tirelessly on the internet to find activities that your child can do, specifically to improve their writing and vocabulary skills? You are not alone! We have been doing the same. Thankfully, we have a few resources that will become staples in your child’s day-to-day life. The websites that we have listed below are dependable, meaning you can trust the platforms and the information they present. Finding reliable websites not only helps your child to strengthen their writing abilities, but it also aids them in building media literacy. They come to better understand which websites are safe, and which are perhaps less useful. That being said, feel free to explore the sites below, which will help your child strengthen their writing habits, expand their imagination, and increase their vocabulary!

  • LTWN App: Some of you are likely already familiar with our LTWN App. For those who have not used it before, our app provides a daily writing prompt, which your child can respond to each day. This app helps your child to build a healthy writing habit, writing at least a few days out of the week. It also nourishes your child’s imagination, giving them the creative liberty to interpret their responses to the prompts in ways that excite them. Is your child a poet? Then they can respond to a fun prompt in poetry form? A storyteller? Then they can write a narrative! They are an essayist, you say? Excellent, they can respond with a mini-essay. The possibilities are endless, and the habit is theirs to build!
  • Free Rice: I have been using Free Rice for over a decade now, for both myself and my students. Run by the United Nations World Food Programme, it is one of the best platforms to help bolster your child’s vocabulary. How does it work? Free Rice gives you a word, for which you need to find the best synonym or definition. For every correct answer that your child receives, it donates 10 grains of rice to communities in need around the globe. Your child may also browse the site to explore other subjects and difficulty levels. They will leave each session with newfound confidence and a sense of kind-heartedness.
  • Scribblitt: This website contains some of my favorite activities for students. Scribblitt offers games where students match words with their definitions, while also providing activities like mad-libs and word searches. Time and time again, Scribblitt proves to be a simple and useful tool for children to delve deeper into the fun world of words.
  • Nitro Type: Is your child developing their typing skills? If so, Nitro Type has one of the most engaging games out there to help them! This activity allows your child to race a car all with the power of their typing abilities. WIth the racing pressure on, your child will want to build upon their typing skills to give them the bragging rights of winning at Nitro Type. With repetition, this game will certainly supply your child a better sense of muscle memory with relation to their keyboard (as well as the confidence needed to no longer look at each key!) Even more, your child can improve their spelling and reading skills as they reach new heights in their keyboard abilities.

With the variety above, I am certain that your child will find something that they enjoy—something that will make them scrunch their eyebrows, and later, put a grin on their face. Please share this post with your friends if they are looking for similar resources. Happy reading, writing, and playing!

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