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Ms. Kolimja

September 10, 2022


How To Find New Reads For All Ages

Has your child ever been stumped on what to read next? Maybe they want to explore a new genre, or find books similar to ones they’ve previously enjoyed. Asking the school or local librarian is a great place to start finding new texts, but what happens when your child is curious at home? Thankfully, there exist many online reading resources that will help your child expand their personal library (or encourage them to visit the local one!) Below are four different search engines that can help them find a book. A couple of the platforms will likely prove useful to you as well!

  • The Reading Rockets Book Finder offers a thorough and specific set of criteria to help your child find their next favorite text! From “Age Range” to “Genre” to “Topics,” this nifty tool is sure to set your child on the path of discovery. This tool would be the most beneficial for elementary students.
  • The Scholastic Book Wizard gives your child the ability to search for books according to their reading levels, interests, and in relation to texts they already enjoy. It also allows them to search up books that they already have read and see the corresponding Lexile Measures or Guided Reading Levels, which helps your child understand the range of their reading abilities. This platform is best for elementary and middle school students.
  • Goodreads provides one of the best platforms in which readers can look for books on individual or crowd-created shelves. Even more, a gallery titled, “Readers Also Enjoyed” accompanies each specific book. This feature is one of the easiest ways to discover new and meaningful literature for your child. This tool is great for all ages—kids, teens, and adults.
  • For students who are in their last couple of years in high school, Whichbook is one of the best choices to help them find contemporary and interesting literature. They can discover texts based on mood, country, character, and plot. Also—they have access to lists of today’s bestsellers in literary fiction. This site is best for teens and adults.

While it is great to read well, it is even better to read widely. These resources are sure to help your child develop the reading interest and habits that will lead them to become strong thinkers, engaging speakers, and captivating writers.

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