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The LTWN 1:1 program allows for personalized one-on-one tutoring for students who need flexible scheduling, specialized pacing based on the student’s strengths and challenges, targeted coaching etc.

Students in the 1:1 program receive personalized study plans and progress tracking, individualized mentoring and accountability, weekly homework and feedback including learning strategies such as annotating, note taking, study skills, time management, and critical thinking.

There are two ways a student can avail the 1:1 coaching depending on the student's schedule and preference:
In-person (at our Naperville center available during select times from Mon to Thu  3:30 pm to 8:30 pm, and Saturdays, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm) or 
Online (using our learning platform available currently on Fridays between 3:30 pm and 8:30 pm only).

Please note that besides the place of meeting and platform used for instruction, there are no differences in the way our 1 on 1 program works and our goal has always been 100% student satisfaction.

Choice of 1:1 coaching suites:

  • SAT or PSAT Test Prep Suite for Reading & Writing.
  • Honors or AP English Suite.
  • High School ELA Suite.
  • Middle School ELA Suite.
  • Elementary ELA Suite.

Tuition: 1:1 Coaching suites are purchased as a block of ten, one hour units for $750.

Note: During a given semester, the number of 1:1 spots are limited, so it is important to secure a spot as soon as you decide the best fit for your student’s needs. Before registering for the 1:1 coaching, kindly email and request details for the available 1:1 slots.

You cannot switch between in -person and online during a given block of 10 weeks since the classes are scheduled for different days and times during the week.  However, if you need to switch from one mode to another, you can send us an email requesting a change to see if there are available slots and if we find one that works mutually, we will take care of it.

“We have enrolled both our in the 1:1 coaching program with LTWN for two different reasons. For our daughter, she has conflict with her sports schedule and the small group schedule, so the 1:1 coaching provided the flexibility to choose a time that worked for her. For our son, who has some mild learning disabilities, we preferred the 1:1 coaching style for his learning pace. Our son truly enjoys his 1:1 coach and the creative ways the coach helps him understand and retain the concepts learned and our daughter is also thriving and doing well on her test prep course. By about the third session into the program we could see a positive difference in their reading, making connections, comprehension, writing and overall engagement in their individual workshops.”— Happy Parents

Our Approach


A perfect blend of academic and creative curriculum across all areas of English Language Literacy and Enrichment.


A unique methodology that combines classroom instruction by expert teachers followed by homework and timely feedback to maximize learning outcomes.

Small Group & 1:1 Instruction

Available in both formats based on the student’s individual needs .


Best in the industry for English language enrichment across all grades and learning styles as vouched by 1500 plus students and more.


A results oriented approach with periodic assessments and performance reporting.

Accountability & Mentoring

Unparalleled student accountability and mentoring for in-class work and homework.


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At Learn To Write Now, we believe that learning through writing helps students...

  • Organize their thoughts
  • Remember important information.
  • Search for evidence and solve problems.
  • Reflect on a wider range of perspectives.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively for specific purposes and audiences.
  • Facilitate students to acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of the content in all school subjects.

LTWN’s motto is Write. Learn. Succeed and our overarching goal is…

  • To make every student proficient in all areas of literacy including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and test-prep.
  • To challenge every student to perform at the highest level of excellence.
  • To provide every student a proud platform to publish work inside and outside the workshop.
  • To inspire every student to fully enjoy the learning process by constantly providing them an effective and engaging purpose, audience, tools, and techniques.

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