Middle School (6, 7, 8) – Returning Writers

Middle School Student WritingAll returning middle school writers will begin at a proficient to advanced level of instruction for their specific grades.(Levels of instruction are classified into Basic or Beginner, Intermediate, Proficient & Advanced based on NAEP standards.)

Returning writers also understand the dynamics, rigor and the pace of the writing workshop. Hence, their take-home assignments will involve more complex work compared to a new writer.

Of the 6 weeks, the first week will be targeted to revision of all concepts learned during the Winter/Spring Workshop. This will help with retention of key concepts, and serve as foundation for advanced lessons in the following weeks.

Topics Covered

Freewriting, journaling and understanding the writing process will continue to be taught to the returning writers as they serve as fundamentals in every writing task.

Some of your student’s work from the previous workshops will also be used to further their writing skills.

Vocabulary Drills and Vocabulary Paper using vocabtests exercises will continue to be be included.

Following are some of the mini-lessons covered for returning writers. Depending on the student’s aptitude and writing ability, mini-lessons may be modified to provide additional reinforcements and/or challenges. Curriculum for mini-lessons are based on Common Core requirements.

Please note while returning writers will work on trait lessons such as ideas, organization etc. again it will be at a grade level higher than they are used to learning in the previous session. Hence, expect the lesson to be a little more complex and challenging.

Essays: In addition to the above, all students will be exposed to at least  three to four different genres of writing in which they will be taught to write and publish journals or essays. Learning to write well-developed essays and academic papers is the ultimate goal for every writer.

Sample list of topics from the previous session (Students will learn new genres in the Winter/Spring session)

  • Mini-Lesson : Grade level 6 + 1 Traits, including Ideas, Organization & Word Choice
  • Mini-Lesson : Literary Analysis
  • Mini-Lesson : Cause & Effect, Compare & Contrast Writing
  • Essay Writing:  Narratives, Arguments, Expository
  • Mini-Lesson:  Writing about Literature & Non-Fiction
  • Mini-Lesson: Spelling, Vocabulary & Grammar 
  • Mini-Lesson: Poetry & other creative writing pieces

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