Elementary Grades K – 5 : New Writers

New Writer-MC

Welcome to the new session of the Young Writers’ Workshop. If this is your child’s first time, you’ll have several questions and you should be able to find answers to most of your questions in this page.

To begin, make sure you have read the following pages in the site. It will give you a good starting point about how the writer’s workshop is structured, the common core writing curriculum, frequently asked questions and testimonials from students and parents who have attended the previous workshops.

Once you are done, please read along to understand the specific topics that your child will be learning during the session.

Topics Covered

Both Lower and Upper Elementary students will begin with Freewriting and a thorough understanding of the Writing Process. 

Freewriting : Foundation lesson to increase the writing fluency in all writers. (Please click here to read more about freewriting.)

Writing Process : Pre-writing, Drafting, Revising, Editing, Publishing

Spelling, Vocabulary, & Grammar: Proper spelling of Standard English Language,  continuous use of good word choice (vocabulary) and good grammar are encouraged and taught in every single class in all forms of writing.

Penmanship: Good penmanship skill is encouraged at all grade levels, with a special emphasis for the lower and upper elementary. In addition, Upper Elementary students are expected to know basic typing skills and should be able to send in their essay drafts via Google docs when required. (Exclusions may apply.)

Writing Traits: A complete set of lessons on all the writing traits, including authentic student samples and meaningful assignments. ( To understand the definition of each writing trait, please click here.)

A note about Traits Based Learning: The traits have always been the language of our writer’s workshop , and the students are trained to talk to each other like writers during our  workshop time. The goal of the workshop is to teach the students  to use the language of the traits meaningfully, and that diligence makes all the difference as we prepare the students for their middle school writing work, for the rigors of high school, and–most importantly–for any kind of writing in life. In essence, the goal is to make every student passionate about writing, and teaching the students to use and think with traits language is what makes that possible.

Mini-Lessons: Following are some of the mini-lessons covered for new writers. Depending on the student’s aptitude and writing ability, mini-lessons may be modified to provide additional reinforcements and/or challenges. Curriculum for mini-lessons are based on Common Core requirements.

Journals/Essays: In addition to the above, all students will be exposed to at least  three to four different genres of writing in which they will be taught to write and publish journals or essays. Learning to write well-developed journals and essays is the ultimate goal for every writer.

Lower Elementary (K – 3) – Sample list of topics from the previous session

  • Mini-Lesson: Ideas for Writing (Using grade level 6 + 1 Traits)
  • Mini-Lesson : Organization (Using grade level 6 + 1 Traits)
  • Mini-Lesson : Word Choice (Using grade level 6 + 1 Traits)
  • Mini-Lesson: Grade Level Spelling, Vocabulary & Grammar
  • Mini-Lesson: Reading Comprehension & Writing
  • Journal Genres : Grade Level Descriptive, Informative, Narrative 
  • Creative Writing : Poetry 

Upper Elementary (4 & 5) – Sample list of topics from the previous session

  • Mini-Lesson: Ideas for Writing (Using grade level 6 + 1 Traits)
  • Mini-Lesson : Organization (Using grade level 6 + 1 Traits)
  • Mini-Lesson : Word Choice (Using grade level 6 + 1 Traits)
  • Mini-Lesson:  Grade Level Spelling, Vocabulary & Grammar
  • Mini-Lesson: Reading Comprehension & Writing
  • Essay Genres : Grade Level Descriptive, Expository, Narrative and Persuasive
  • Creative Writing : Poetry 

All new writers must complete an initial assessment along with registration. The Initial Assessment & Parent Orientation will be held  on Saturday, Jan 14, 2017 from 9:30 – 10:30 AM or 11:30 – 12: 30 PM. Plan to attend any one session. This session must be attended by the new writer and one parent. Indicate your preference on the registration form.

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