Writer’s Workshop

Writers do not write with words and conventions alone; writers write above all with meaning.  Children will invest themselves more in their writing if they are allowed – indeed, if they are taught – to select their own topics and to write about subjects that are important to them – Lucy Calkins ( Founder, The Teacher’s College Reading & Writing Project.)

What is a Writer’s Workshop

The Writer’s Workshop is a highly motivated learning environment where students can acquire skills, fluency, confidence, and most importantly “the desire” to see themselves as writers. During every session, students are put in charge to actively create their own texts and be responsible for their learning. This results in more engagement and a final product that the students can truly call their own.

 Benefits of Writer’s Workshop

·        Increased self-esteem
·        Phonemic awareness
·        Increased fluency in reading and writing
·        Opportunities for development of oral and written language
·        Samples for authentic assessment
·        Writers working at their own pace and space.
·        Writers writing about what is important to them!
          This is the heart of the writer’s workshop.

 Organization and Structure of Writer’s Workshop

·        Mini-lesson area.
·        Independent writing area.
·        Conferencing area.
·        Whole-class sharing area.

 How writing workshop looks and sounds

Looks Like:

-Writers are all at different parts of the writing process.
-Some writers working at their desks.
-Some writers looking for a new idea to write about.
-Some writers illustrating their published pieces.
-Some writers conferencing in the peer corners.
-Some writers conferencing with the writing coach.
-Some writers publishing their best work.

Sounds Like:

-Student writers writing thoughtfully and silently.
-Students using quiet voices during peer conferences.
-Writing coach and student using quiet voices during conferences.

Learn To Write Now writer’s workshops incorporates all the above and more into its fun and engaging weekly workshops. Come, check it out if you are interested.