I thank all my workshop writers, parents and community patrons who have given such wonderful & specific feedback about the writing workshop. I appreciate you taking the time to write this, and I am happy to feature your kind words on this page!

Since a majority of the students featured in the testimonials are still enrolled in the workshops, I can’t share specific names. I leave it to your discretion to trust these testimonials.


For every inspiration…every journey to begin…there has to be a starting point. And that starting point for us is our recent workshop with @learntowritenow. Ms. Aruna Davis….you have been the road marker for this beginning, your expectations have set the goal, your energy has fueled the enthusiasm and your faith has set the belief that he can be a writer. You have given him wings to fly into regions of poetry and prose and haikus and illustrated pieces. Now I know every workshop he attends will just be a step up. We can’t wait to explore more of the lengths and breadths of writing with you.

My husband and I would like to thank you for the wonderful writing program you are providing. We knew our daughter who was always interested in writing will do very well, but we were doubtful about our son who pretty much hated any writing tasks. However, we were so pleased to see how you understood each of our children’s strengths and weaknesses and coached them accordingly. Although Varun resisted the program and the weekly writing tasks initially, we saw that he was more willing after the first few weeks. During a conference, his class teacher specifically pointed to some of his writing samples and said that she has seen a remarkable improvement in his writing work.  We are also thrilled to share that he got accepted into PA Reading for Middle School and we thank you so much for all the special guidance you provided us for that. Our kids are really fortunate to have you as their writing teacher and we hope they will continue to keep writing well. 

Thanks so much Mrs. Davis for helping my son with his college admission essays. He was quite nervous and so were we before the start of the application process, but your immense help and guidance on the admission essays truly brought out the best in our son and his writing. He has applied to the colleges very confidently.

Thanks for all the online vocabulary resources and practice you have provided as part of the workshop. My daughter’s vocabulary has immensely improved and I could see that she is constantly using what she calls the “million dollar words” in all her writing, including casual notes to us. 

Thanks Aruna for your dedication and enthusiasm for this program. I have seen incredible changes in my son’s vocab and creativity.This course was clearly a difference maker. Not sure how you do it….but wanted to say “HATS OFF”!

The workshop helped my son recognize the writing process and got him into thinking about what it is to plan a composition. It also exposed him to a couple different writing styles and served as a good introductory course. We are hoping for him to engage more actively, consciously and willingly in this process. Thank you for your sincere efforts and encouragement in this direction. Overall the course content was very well-prepared and quite interesting. There was a tremendous opportunity provided to work at home which was great – although we know we probably did not make the most of what we could during this session.

He is doing his journal work on a daily basis and I have never seen this before. I am very surprised to see him like this.

Mrs.Davis, I am always waiting to see what comment you write in my journal for each of my journal entry. I can’t believe you have so many stickers.

Mrs. Davis, I am so happy I learned how to write a Haiku and a Tanka. I am going to write these poems for the writing contest.

Aruna, I am so glad that I enrolled my kids in the writer’s workshop this summer. Hands down, this is the best program they have done this whole year. And thank you for the handwritten father’s day letter from my kids. It is now a family keepsake.

Mrs. Davis, I really liked the Olympic week. I like the synchronized sentence swimming and word wrestling a lot.

Aruna, I remember enrolling my son in your Session 1 workshop with so much uncertainty. I wasn’t sure how you were going to make such a reluctant writer into someone who could write a few sentences or a paragraph. I am completely thrilled to admit that you have made a writer out of my son, and I can’t believe that he has written 3 full composition books in just two sessions. Looking forward to your future workshops.

The seven-day “journal prompter” is such a creative idea. My kids didn’t miss a day of journal writing. I personally liked the way you handled grammar in such a fun & engaging way.

This is a fantastic performance report. I am happy for my daughter. I am very impressed with the details that you have captured.Do keep us informed on the next sessions.

Thanks so much for the detailed performance report. Your insights are absolutely right on and are very helpful in planning next steps for both my kids! They had fun in the workshop and it gave them a structure to their day. Very nicely done, I will definitely enroll them back. Love the pillbox idea for journals. (super cute)!

My older son loved the first session and wanted to continue session II, I also wanted my younger one to join the second session. I already mentioned your sessions to a couple of my friends and will try to forward it others who are interested.

Aruna thank you for the performance report and everything. I think the classes provided great value to my kids. I am really hoping you can do a one on one session with my daughter this year if possible and I have my fingers crossed for that. Thanks.

Actually, I was so impressed by my daughter’s reaction last night. Not only she said she loves this class, but also she couldn’t stop writing. She started to give some means to the words, even started to use electronic dictionary which we bought months ago for her.Hope she would keep her enthusiasm and have fun with writing.

Mrs.Davis, My wife and I sincerely appreciate your efforts in helping my daughter publish her first short story. Your insights on the plot and overall content were very helpful and it helped fulfill her dream to be a published author by this summer.

Thanks, Aruna, your writing tips always help me and encourage me.

My son had a great time in your class and learned a lot. Looking forward to attending more writing camps with Learn To Write Now in future where learning seems fun and easy.

Thanks for all the effort you are putting into him. My daughter loves writing in her journal. She thinks it is grown up thing to do like writing a diary.