Useful Links and Downloads

 1. Time-tested tips to tune into writing.

(A must read for all parents who want to inspire their kids to write! )

2. Stages in Writing Development.

( Provides you with a clear understanding of the different stages in your child’s writing life. A great primer on the subject of writing.)

3. Read Like A Writer

( A good reading habit serves as an important foundation to a great writing habit. This article teaches you the tips and tricks of how to read like a writer.)

4. Reading List By Grade

( This comprehensive list of books is a good one to have to get  a “just right book” into your children’s hands.)

5. Information about writer’s workshop.

( For parents: This document provides an idea about what goes exactly in a writing workshop. A quick read.)

6. New Year Resolutions Chart

( A handy resolutions chart that can be used by kids & parents. Read the January 2013 newsletter to serve as a guide. You don’t have to wait for the New Year to take a resolution. Any time your child decides is good!)

7. Top 25 Books Kids Should Read and Re-read

Irrespective of the child’s age, gender, grade, reading level, likes or dislikes, this set of 25 books must be read ( and re-read) by every child to enjoy the beauty of the English language and to learn about a million things that they never knew existed. Reading and full comprehending classic literature will also greatly improve the writing skills of your child.