What is a writer’s workshop?
The Writer’s Workshop is a highly motivated learning environment where students can acquire skills, fluency, confidence, and most importantly “the desire” to see themselves as writers. During every session, students are put in charge to actively create their own texts and be responsible for their learning. This results in more engagement and a final product that the students can truly call their own.

Who needs the writer’s workshop?
Everyone who is interested to improve their craft of writing. Learn To Write Now workshops cater to students Kindergarten and up, from emergent to fluent writers.

At what age can my child begin to attend the writer’s workshop?
Children begin to write as early as their toddler years, however, the writer’s workshop is geared to kids from Kindergarten and up. Since the workshop has the look and feel of a classroom (with a little more fun and no scary grades), the youngest workshop attendees should understand the minimum rules of working with peers, listening to instruction, completing work on time etc.

What should I do to get started?
Getting started is very easy. Please visit the  Workshop page and see if there’s a workshop offered for your student’s specific grade. Next, click on the appropriate class you’d like to register your child in and follow the registration process.

How often is the workshop offered?
Currently, the workshop is offered for 10-12 weeks every season: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. If this schedule changes , it will be updated. To check the current class schedule, please click here.

Is the writer’s workshop an “enrichment” program or a “remedial” program?
Both! Each student writer begins the workshop with a certain set of strengths and weaknesses in the areas of writing. The goal of the workshop is to identify those areas, and provide enrichment or remediation as the case may be. The ultimate goal of the writer’s workshop is to help every student reach his/her true potential in the craft of writing.

My child does enough writing in the school, and writes very well for her grade level, do I still need to enroll her in the workshop?
Great question. Your child will certainly write a lot in school or in a homeschool and it is quite possible, that she truly enjoys the writing process and creating meaningful content. If that’s the case, encourage her to keep at it. However, several of the workshop attendees also are strong writers, to begin with, and they still attend the workshop to be challenged above their current grade level. The reason is, unlike Accelerated Reader & Accelerated Math, there aren’t any Accelerated Writer programs in the schools. For the more gifted writers, the workshop curriculum is crafted in a way that they are creatively challenged to deliver their best writing.

Do all students registered under the same grade, begin at the same level?
Each student writer will be given a beginning writing assessment so as to establish a starting level. Instruction for the student will begin based on this starting level and the student will have the opportunity to build on the existing writing skills as the workshop progresses. Throughout the workshop, the students will receive constant and constructive feedback on their work, and advice to improve their writing.

What is the time commitment with the Writer’s Workshop?
The students attend a 75 – 90 minute workshop session every week, where they learn the weekly mini-lesson, and take home tailored writing assignments. Unlike math or reading, which can be completed within a certain time to arrive at an answer or to complete a page, writing a beautifully crafted sentence or even a three line Haiku poem can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, perhaps even a few days. This is not to say that your child will have to spend hours on end to complete an assignment. It is to be noted that all good writing is a process of re-writing, and it is quite possible that your child can constantly be trying to improve his draft. At a minimum, your child will be expected to work about 20 to 30 minutes for at least 4-5 days in a week when the workshop is in session. Setting aside at least 20 minutes of writing time every day is a great habit to cultivate which will help all aspiring writers.

Will the students be asked to write and learn through repetitive writing or rote memorization ?
Never! The student gets exposed to the various styles of writing for several times during the workshop in a way that is unique, but not repetitive. This will help reinforce the particular writing style, without the student being bogged down to learn or write something over and over to ensure mastery.

What is the best way to reach you if my child or I have a question?
Please email arunadavis@learntowritenow.com for any questions regarding the workshop, registration, lessons etc. You should receive an email within 24 hours. If you haven’t received a reply, then please re-send your email.

Does the writer’s workshop offer preparation for standardized tests? The goal of the writer’s workshop is to help every child become the best writer he/she can be. The lessons learned from the writer’s workshop, the tailored writing assignments, and the daily writing habit increases the fluency and quality of writing. Moreover, the workshop curriculum is a blend of National common core standards and best practices in writing, which will certainly help prepare your child for standardized tests.