Why Write?

“Writing … provides students with powerful opportunities to learn about themselves and their connections to the world.
Through writing, students organize their thoughts, remember important information, solve problems, reflect on a widening range of perspectives, and learn how to communicate effectively for specific purposes and audiences.

By putting their thoughts into words and supporting the words with visual images in a range of media, students acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of the content in all school subjects. Writing also helps students to better understand their own thoughts and feelings and the events in their lives.” Source:  Literacy for Learning: The Report of the Expert Panel

Learn To Write Now

Given these important reasons to write, we all fully acknowledge that writing is a complex process that involves a range of skills and tasks. Students across all ages need to become disciplined thinkers in order to communicate their ideas clearly and effectively, which will have a great impact on their academic, career and social success.

We also understand that the students need numerous opportunities to write, as the process of writing enables them to clarify their thinking and sort out and express their thoughts and feelings.  However, learning to write as clearly, correctly, and precisely as possible is only part of the goal of writing instruction for students.

Students should be given the kinds of assignments that provide opportunities to produce writing that is interesting and original and that reflects their capacity for independent critical thought. Writing activities that students see as meaningful and that challenge them to think creatively about topics and concerns of interest to them will lead to a fuller and more lasting command of the essential skills of writing.

This is our mission at  Learn To Write Now


Aruna Davis
Writing Coach & Founder – Learn To Write Now